Frequently Asked Questions

What is natural hair? It is any hair that has not been chemically altered by relaxers, perms, texturizers, color or heat.

Do I have to do the big chop to transition?  No.  I suggest doing the big chop if hair is totally damaged.  You can braid it,  twist it up or do a protective style to transition hair. Note:  If you are not mentally prepared don’t do a big chop.

Should I sleep with a cotton or silk scarf?  That depends on the hair style you are wearing.  If you have a twist out a silk scarf will rub during the night and mess up style.  A cotton scarf will hold down and you will fluff back out. I prefer loc socs they work on all styles –

What products do I use?  Natural Essences powered by Deep in the Roots Product usage is dependent upon what style you are wearing.  With the selected product line make sure it is chemical free. No preservatives, no parabens, no sulfates, NO PETROLEUM, NO MINERAL OIL, NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS. We use our inhouse line Natural Essences, 100% natural.

How do you start locs? There are several techniques 1. 2 strand twist 2. comb coils 3. plaits 4. extension hair added  or 5. from individual, senegalese or kinky twists. The selected technique determines, versatility, fullness and thickness.

How often should I shampoo my hair? Its determined by hair style and lifestyle.  If you work out alot you would shampoo more often to keep scalp clean. Some people are comfortable with every 2 weeks or once a month. Recommend Black Soap Shampoo

How to properly shampoo kinky, coily, curly hair?  Saturate hair well.  Open hair from hair line to nape of neck apply shampoo. Then from ear to ear and apply shampoo. Manipulate scalp all over pulling hair between fingers preventing S curl pattern from connecting.  First shampoo should remove build up, product and anything else on scalp so it may not lather well.  Second shampoo should lather well and the entire scalp should be massaged to help circulation to prevent hair breakage and loss.

How can I grow my edges or bald spots back?  One of the main ingredients is rosemary.  Any essential oils or carrier oils that promotes circulation.  You must massage area to stimulate to get the blood flowing.  Make sure your diet consists of water, freshfruits and vegetables. Our rosemary treatment spray works wonders.  The most vital thing to do is detox your body so your circulatory system will operate correctly to send blood flow to your scalp.  An excellent herbal detox is Lean Green Detox.
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