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braid styleA braid style that stretches way back to the ancient of times. If you want a nice designer set of cornrows or a basic style without your edges being pulled out, then look no more…….

 braid style 2







The trend is back for individual or box braids. Our neatness and parting sets us apart from others. Our stretching technique gives you the most natural look without the rubber bands and burning on the ends….individual braids





Fear not here at DITR you can pull your beautiful kinky twists up in styles without the worry of overly large twists in middle and small neat ones around the edge line. We give you consistency of size throughout where you can flaunt your different styles.kinky twistskinky twist







loc tighten

Locs are one of the hottest looks today! So if you want that corporate, classy, GQ look we are the right pick. We are untouchable when it comes to interlocking and grooming. We give you that cutting edge of gorgeous neat locks without the roughness.loc style6






Do you have locs thats in distress- thinning, breaking off? Save them we can reattach or repair them and loc repairgive you back your status of having the fliest locs. loc repair 2





                                                                                                                                                                                                 If you love the locked look but have no patience with the in between stages, then Extension locs is for YOU!!!!  ext locsYour hair will be locking underneath the extension fiber as it grows off your hair. You get to fast track to the loc status and in 6-12 months have a head full of fabulous locs….

ext locs 2






                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Twist Out  – Loose hair is flat twisted or two strand twisted wet with natural gel or setting lotion.  Client is then placed under dryer and then flat twist or two strand twists are undone and opened out.twist out






2 strand twist


If your not ready for a commitment but reminisce about locking than two strand twists will be your best friend. You can have the rolled on the ends, plaited for a crinkled look or styled in an updo. You can’t go work with this classy, conservative look!!!


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