Meet the Team




Ms Ray

Ms. Ray, Master Natural Hair Expert, Holistic Health Consultant and Owner of Deep In The Roots Natural Hair Salon, a chemical free salon that provides clients with a healthy atmosphere.  Ms. Ray is passionate about  men, women and children learning to love and embrace their God given hair roots by finding healthier ways of beautification without the use of harsh chemicals.  
Rayshunda has been a natural hair stylist for over 20 years. She is the creator of Natural Essences, a line of natural hair products formulated for hair growth. 
Due to her passion of educating the community she became the Executive Director of Creating New Images, a non profit organization that serves in the areas of health, beauty, self esteem building and entrepreneurship.  Rayshunda’s belief is “Beauty begins from the inside out”
A best seller author “Deep In The Roots, The Ultimate Guide To Natural Hair & Self Awareness.” She serves on the Advisory Board of Grow South with Mayor Mike Rawlings.  Rayshunda is the proud mother of five children and three grandchildren.


asiaMs. Asia is the part time administrative assistant and an apprentice of Ms. Ray learning the art of natural hair and the beauty within. 




Ms. Alexus a Stylist  is a very patient when it comes to her craft. She has been a natural stylist for 10 years. Loc’s, braid styles, twists and updos are her favorites. Ms. Alexus enjoys being a mom to her two sons. She enjoys fashion and photography. She is a real go getter and her nickname is “Quick”.





Ms. Cyndi is an highly educated stylists with over 15 years of experience in haircare. She is a Dallas, Tx native and attended A. Maceo Smith High School. She graduated from there and then went on to Texas Southern University to obtain a Degree in Respiratory Therapy.  It was there were she found her passion for the artistry of haircare. She had been styling hair since about the age of 12. She then went on from there to receive her Barber/Stylist license from Healthy Hair Academy where she was often recognized for her talent. Styling hair is a form of therapy she says and it feels good making people feel and look good.



Ms Teresa
Ms. Teresa a Stylist is a super skilled licensed Cosmetologist with 4 years of natural hair experience underneath her wings. She strives for perfection and will give you and your style all the time needed to achieve your desired look. She loves family, sports and pets. Her favorite styles are coils, twists, locs, and anything curly. She loves continuous trainings and education.



stasia headshot

Ms. Stasia is a part time stylist.  Her specialty  is the grooming and styling of locs.  She is soft spoken with a big heart.  She has three beautful children and a love for music.

AntonioMr. Antonio is the Product Manager.  He is a very detailed young man who graciously mixes all the formulas, handles the packaging  and distribution for the Natural Essences product line powered by Deep in the Roots.




Ms Dion

Ms. Deon has been a Licensed Cosmetologist for 10 years and a Color Specialist and Instructor for 8 years.  She has a deep passion for sharing knowledge and teaching others.  She loves family, sports and friends.  Her Custom Blended Colors are sure to mesmerize your color palette.  Talents are Locs, Braids and Customized Color.





2617 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75215